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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning Radiation
Therapy (CT Simulation)
  • Each treatment is mapped out in detail using treatment planning software and CT data

  • Radiation therapy must be aimed at the same target every time. Doctors use several devices to do this:
    • Skin markings or tattoos
    • Immobilization devices (casts, molds, or headrests)

Is Radiation Therapy Safe?
  • Many advances have been made in the field to ensure it remains safe and effective.

  • Multiple health care professionals develop and review the treatment plan to ensure that the target area is receiving the dose of radiation needed.

  • The treatment plan and equipment are constantly checked to ensure proper treatment is being given.

Side Effects of Radiation Therapy:
  • Side effects, like skin tenderness, are generally limited to the area receiving radiation

  • Unlike chemotherapy, radiation usually doesn't cause hair loss or nausea.

  • Most side effects begin during the second or third week of treatment

  • Side effects may last for several weeks after the final treatment.

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